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Thank you for your gift!

By honouring that special someone in your life, you are helping Kids Cancer Care to carryout its mission for hundreds of special families. Our essential programs are designed to meet the needs of the whole family at each stage in the child's cancer journey — from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. With your continuing support, we have been actively adapting our programs to serve kids and families during the panemic when they are more isolated than ever.

Your gift today is helping to:

  1. Give kids with cancer the support they need to cope with the physical, emotional and cognitive effects of cancer and its treatments;
  2. Provide children with cancer-related learning issues the benefit of a one-to-one tutor online or in their home;
  3. Keep children with cancer active through a ground-breaking, evidence-based exercise program that helps reduce the long-term side-effects and deconditioning effects of cancer and its treatments;
  4. Give kids a chance to escape the rigours of cancer for a week of outdoor fun and adventure at camp; and
  5. Support research into less invasive therapies that save lives without causing damaging health problems for life.

We believe it is possible to change the course of childhood cancer in our lifetime. Thank you for helping make this a reality.