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Child Life Services

One-to-one and group programs

Sessions with our certified child life specialist offer children affected by cancer opportunities to explore their feelings and develop new coping strategies through play.

Group sessions

Kids Cancer Care offers group sessions for kids ages 4 to 7 and 8 to 12. These sessions provide children with opportunities for fun interaction mixed with therapeutic elements to help promote healthy coping and wellness. Our group sessions are offered once per month for each age group.

One-to-one sessions

Our child life specialist also offers one-to-one sessions with kids who struggling with medical-related fear and anxiety. The goal of these sessions is to introduce your child to medical terminology using child-friendly terms to familiarize them with medical tools and technology through medical play. The sessions are designed to give your child a sense of mastery and control over the treatment process.

To register for a group-based or one-on-one session with our child life specialist, please contact Laura Peace. In person or online sessions are available.

PLUS (Practical Learning for Undiagnosed Siblings)

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it affects the whole family. Parents are busy, juggling medical appointments, household chores, work, and extracurricular activities while providing extra care for the child who is ill. Sometimes, the healthy siblings feel resentful and retreat into themselves. Other times, they seek connections in challenging ways.

Our PLUS program was designed with siblings in mind. The five-week program designed by our certified child life specialist helps siblings learn about cancer, so the experience is less scary. Each week introduces a unique topic and provides siblings with a safe space to explore feelings and ask questions. Using play and fun activities, the program provides tools for siblings that help them understand and manage their feelings.

Siblings Meet

Our Siblings Meet program offers monthly recreational activities for undiagnosed siblings to connect with each other and foster relationships.